4 Seasons Outdoor

Collaboration with Interactieve Media Foundation
Industry: Media
Technology: VR
Use: Presentation


The company 4 Seasons Outdoor (4SO) sells high-quality garden furniture. 4SO uses points of sale (POS) in the stores. These are interactive columns on which its products are displayed, among other things, as 3D models. Because the application had many problems, such as a slow response speed and interruptions, we were asked to improve the software.

"The interactive columns are located in 60 stores worldwide"


The most important points for improvement were the speed, user-friendliness and the number of functionalities. In cooperation with CreaUnit, responsible for the renewed design, our development team has built a completely new software system. The 4SO catalog can be seen in the application. Every garden set can be selected and placed in various ways in a grid. This can be done per part, so that the viewer can make the layout of the garden set himself, but you can also choose from standard combinations. By adding the object snapping functionality, the furniture connects to each other automatically. The product can then be viewed in 360-degree with the desired layout, on the basis of finger-touch, and you can zoom in. The mix and match functionality has also been added, with which various garden sets and furniture can be mixed.



4SO is very happy with the result. The interactive columns are in its 60 stores worldwide. By improving user-friendliness, the column is frequently used by consumers. We will add new products to the catalog in the future.

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