Category: 360 Video
Project date: August 2018
Project: 360 graden video

The question

Woolrich wanted a unique way to show the 2019 winter collection to internal stakeholders. Usually a video, magazine or fashion show is created for this purpose. For an internal presentation the fashion brand really wanted to give it their all and submerse the colleagues in a unique fashion experience.

The solution

A VR Fashion experience in which the viewer is shown a unique perspective with regards to the clothing. Models showcase the latest clothing at a unique location in a visually magnificent experience.

The execution

In collaboration with media agency CLX we ventured into the Italian mountains for a unique shoot. The dozens of models, a gigantic production team and even the presence of the Red Cross made this one of our largest productions to date. In minus 10 degrees temperatures a beautiful setting was created high in the mountains, with unique lighting, smoke and fireworks.

The models presented the latest collection with interesting and surprising transitions created with visual effects. Viewers experience an up close and personal peek at the winter collection. We ventured to a picturesque Italian village for the presentation where 160 people were shown the video simultaneously.

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