Category: Application
Project date: August 2018
Project: AR Brochure

The question

AFTC is the worldwide market leader in the field of application materials, Acrylic Foam Tape (AFT) and implementations. AFTC products can be found all around us, but they are not always visible. In order to show their customers a unique view into the possibilities of AFTC, they wanted to enhance their brochures with a new dimension.

The solution

In order to visualize the possibilities of AFTC we added marker based augmented reality to the new brochures. There was a focus on the automotive industry and construction, two different brochures were printed.
In the automotive animation an automobile arrives that subsequently breaks apart. This illustrates clearly how the car is assembled and for which parts the double sided AFTC tape is used. The same principle applies to the brochure aimed at construction. After scanning the brochure a building appears in which the applications of AFTC products are highlighted.

The execution

AFTC has distributed the two brochures among the specific target customers and were send in a targeted manner. The AR experience can be viewed from within the AFTC app. The animation will start by scanning the marker on the brochure.
Apart from the AR functionality a product wizard was built-in. This allows the user to choose the right product by answering a number of questions. The final option is a newsletter function that will publish the AFTC newsletters automatically within the app.

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