Augmented Reality Graffiti Wall

Paint with light on any wall. Create and share your own masterpiece.

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Engaging and unique experience

The AR Graffiti Wall is an unique and exciting experience that allows the creation of virtual graffiti on any wall. Give your crowd the opportunity to literally paint with light and let them create their own unique masterpiece!

Pick up and spray

Button menu

Select different colors and brushes by using the the panel mounted next to the canvas area.

Light ray spray cans

Guests can use real spray cans (without paint) with different colors to express their creativity.

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Two different modes

Sandbox mode

In sandbox mode your guests are able to create whatever they have in mind! They have complete freedom over all the tools and options to create their masterpiece.

Stencil mode

In Stencil mode you will be able to import a  background image for your guests to enhance. A great way to integrate your product or brand into the experience.

Made for activation & events

To activate this experience there are two options: on an existing wall and a movable set-up. Both projection are approx 3 x 2 m. The AR Graffiti wall has a huge share factor, so we made sure sharing via social channels is super easy!

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