Augmented Reality VisualizerAugment your communication and sales. Show your 3D products and objects anywhere, anytime.

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Augmented Reality for all

Any company that works with 3D models can now easily use our mobile application to visualize any object, anywhere and anytime. The models are automatically read from a database or can be added manually through a CMS.

We offer a modular application which ranges from a simple object viewer to a fully fledged AR commerce solution. The application is available for devices with ARkit and ARCore features. The costs varies depending on the features and custom work needed.

Why use Augmented Reality?

Augment your communication and sales. Show your 3D products and objects in any space. Driving up engagement, conversion and lowering return rates.  Making product communication easier and more fun.

> Visualize objects on any location to determine fit

> Lower purchase barrier and increase buyer confidence

> Show product features in a unique and understandable way

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Olssen & NuBuiten AR visualizers

The Olssen apps can be used to visualize lockers, the NuBuiten app does the same for garden furniture. Both apps have some unique features and are put to use as a B2B and B2C AR-commerce solution.

Next to a full product portfolio both apps can be used to visualize products and connect to a webshop or a quote feature.  A CMS system system and/or automatic sync feature makes updating the apps with new product a breeze.

EHL tile visualizer

EHL is a German supplier of tiles is all shapes and size for outside and garden use. The app uses AR to visualize tiles in any location, find the nearest dealer and get a quote by email.

The user can use the measure tool to define a square or rectangle in which the product will be visualized. In the corner of the screen the square meters and price are visible, driving conversion.

The features of our AR visualiser


Select, place and rotate the object to match and fit.


Connect to webshop and sync wish list or carts

Measure tool

Measure distances with decent accuracy.


Screenshot with or without a watermark


Add the visualized objects to a quote request.


Add products, product features and sync with app

Ready to increase sales and reduce return rates?

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Branding options

The AR visualizer offers custom elements like color, logo and font matching the app with your brand. The homepage, category page and product page can each have a unique look.

Use cases retail & food

RetailTry before you buy has never been easier. Augmented reality let’s your customers try products at any location. Getting a unique insight in how it looks and fits. Bringing products to live, increasing confidence and driving sales.

FoodExperience mouthwatering augmented reality. Using photogrammetry, products look so real you can almost taste them. Food manufacturers and restaurants can use this technology to bring their menu to life and offer a unique taste of what is to come.

Use cases construction, indoor & outdoor

Show complex products through 3D to create a sense of understanding which is not achieved with traditional 2D communication. See if your products, machines and installation fit the location with the millimeter accuracy of the new AR technology. Check, convince and convert.

Indoor & outdoor
Detect walls and floors and project products directly on them. Picking a new floor or wallpaper has never been easier and more fun. Design or decorate your garden in a visual and fun way.  Have a closer look at your new furniture and see if it fits in with the rest of your garden.

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Compatibility and market

The AR visualizer works with any device with ARkit compatibility and can also be developed for ARcore to work with Android devices. In the coming years phones who support these AR features will increase dramatically.  At the moment the following phones are supported.

SE, 6s (plus), 7 (plus), 8 (plus), X


9.7, 10.5, 12.9


P20 (Pro), Mate RS Porsche Design


G6, G7 ThinQ, V30(+), JOJO, V35 ThinQ

G5S Plus, G6, Z2 Force


6, 6.1(+), 7, 7.1 (+), 8 (Sirocco)


3T, 5, 5T, 6, 6T


Samsung Galaxy
A5, A7, A8(+), S7 (Edge), S8(+), S9(+)

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