Beuk Horeca

Client: Beuk Horeca
Category: Virtual reality
Project date: June 2018

The question

Beuk Horeca is a complete service provider for professional food suppliers, with kitchen and cooling equipment and large kitchen technology. During the sales process the customer will receive drawings and 3D renders of the kitchen design. In order to make these renders more interesting Beuk Horeca was looking for a modern way to optimize this process.

The solution

In collaboration we worked towards an interactive solution to visualize the kitchens of Beuk Horeca. We developed a software application in Unity for the HTC Vive which made it easy to convert the designs to a virtual world. In the virtual reality experience the Beuk Horeca customers are able to take their first steps in their kitchen of choice, and interact with the equipment.

It’s also possible to change the look & feel of the design during the experience. This applies to tiles on the wall, and the floor. It’s also possible to add objects such as pans, plates and food items.


The execution

Beuk Horeca has developed their own database with their complete catalogue. The 3D renders of the products have been split into small elements. Our software will subsequently make connections between the drawings, the products and the interactions. The data will be converted to a virtual world.


Originally Beuk Horeca only wanted to make a selection of the products available for interaction. Ultimately the entire database was included. We have made sure the software is easy to use, this way Beuk Horeca can add new products to the program.

The VR experience will be used as part of the sales process. Furthermore several tools have been added allowing the creation of screenshots and videos which the customer will receive.

This new method of presentation allows for a more smooth design and sales process. Customers will get a better idea of the final product and Beuk can locate possible issues in an early phase. This method of presentation has pushed the entire company process to a new level.

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