Centraal Beheer

Industry: Insurance Company
Technology: Augmented Reality
Use: Visualizer

iOS | Android


Every year Centraal Beheer informs their members regarding the terms of employment using a tangible booklet. This year the insurance company was looking for an innovative way to enhance the impact of their direct mailing promotion.

''The result was a scene in AR which took place on the booklet''


The result was a scene in augmented reality which took place on the booklet. In the scene a man is shown working, he stands up and breaks his leg. Now what? The voice-over accompanies the story and explains the employer can find the correct method of dealing with this issue in the terms of employment. After the scene has concluded a link appears that refers to a PDF file with the terms of employment.


The movements of the main character should be as realistic as possible. We achieved this by recording the movements of a real person and translate this to a 3D model. In order to send the members a tangible gift the QR-code was printed on a small box shaped like a book. The QR-code can be scanned using the Centraal Beheer application after which the experience will start.

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