Industry: Consumables
Technology: Virtual Reality
Use: Event


It’s a familiar sight, and it has been for years. The Coca-Cola Christmas trucks. The trucks have become Christmas icons since they made their debut on TV in 1995.

These days, the trucks are not only seen on TV, but also travel around different locations spread across Europe. When the trucks arrive at a location, they usually pull crowds up to thousands of people. This year, one of the trucks had a special virtual reality experience where you can travel through a magical Christmas landscape.


We created a Coca-Cola Christmas VR Experience where virtual reality and physical movement came together to create the ultimate Christmas experience. Step into the sleight placed on a motion platform in one of the trucks. There are sixteen available places so everyone can ride the sleigh together.

Put on the headset and get ready for a journey through the birthplace of Christmas while Santa’s reindeers pull you along over the northern lights. The virtual journey is taken to the next level by using a motion platform that moves on two axes to give the user the feeling of flight. This feeling is strengthened by a machine blowing air into the users faces.


The VR experience pulled a massive amount people towards the motion platform. People waited in line to take the journey in the Christmas themed virtual winter wonderland. On every location, thousands of people wanted to try the VR experience.

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