Category: Application
Project date: July 2018
Project: AR Product visualiser
Content: Internal sales tool

The question

From 2004 onwards Olssen has been selling various types and sizes of lockers. Large or small, wood or metal. It can all be found in their enormous catalogue. But purchasing a locker is not a simple task, it’s imperative for clients that the design and measurements fit within both the space and the interior.

Olssen was looking for a way to visualize this for their clients and lower the threshold within the sales process.

The solution

We have developed an iOS application for Olssen consisting of three features:

  • Measuring tape

The measuring tape in the application will scan the actual surroundings and will indicate the amount of centimeters between point A and B accurately. This provides the clients with certainty that the locker will fit in the designated space.

  • AR visualizer

All lockers from the catalogue that are listed in the app can be placed in the space to actual scale. Several lockers can be added at the same time. The lockers can be customized based on color or material. This provides the client with a reliable view of the lockers in the actual interior, and the relation of size within the space. An option to create screenshots has also been added to the application. This allows the visualization to be shared with other stakeholders at a later date.

  • Quotation

After the clients have seen a representative view of the locker using the AR visualizer it’s time for the next step. In order to increase the number of applications a third feature has been added to the application: the quotation. Clients can place the chosen lockers directly into a quotation. This is based on specific amounts, colors etc. The quotation is send directly by merely entering the name and mail address.

The execution

We have developed a Content Management System that allows the client to take matters in their own hands. Olssen can login through a portal on the computer and subsequently enter all data by themselves.

New 3D models for the visualizer, but also information like pricing, descriptions and promotions. For the design of the application we have closely studied the Olssen website and we have fully implemented the corporate identity.

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