360 Video

KPN Digital Dutch

The event

During the yearly Digital Dutch event for KPN the central theme is digitization. Thousands of deciders from the corporate sector meet to discuss and experience the meaning of digitization in The Netherlands. During the event in 2016 the guests were presented with a vr experience at three different instances focused on innovative Dutch companies.

The execution

The challenge was to show the 360 degree content to all guests at the same time and without any issues. This had not been achieved before in The Netherlands at this scale. It was our challenge to implement the virtual reality segment and realize the ambition of KPN in collaboration with event agency Fjuze.

Client: KPN in collaboration with Fjuze
Category: Events
Number of participants: 500
Project date: Juni 2016
Campagne: Digital Dutch
Hardware: Gear VR & VR Sync
Link: KPN-digital-dutch-event

Our VR Sync technology was developed for this event in particular. This unique event solution enables us to push virtual reality content to an infinite number of devices with just a click on the button. It was a intensive development cycle with a lot of testing and a tight production schedule. The result was a memorable experience without any sense of effort.

The result

The responses by both the attendees as the client KPN were overwhelmingly positive. Participants went berserk on social media and called Digital Dutch the event of the year, and it was only June. Since then the VR Sync technology has been used by dozens of event organizers and brands including Bose, Deloitte and Google.


‘I give KPN a A+ for this event’

Edwin Kuiper

‘What an impressive event’

De Telecompartner

‘KPN just went full hipster and partial Oprah at once; everybody a vr experience’
Oscar Koeroo

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