Client: NCAP
Category: Video
Project date: September 2017
Campagne: NCAP 20 years

The question
Euro NCAP celebrates its 20 year anniversary this year which is an important milestone. Over 78.000 lives have been saved since the introduction of the demanding safety crash tests of Euro NCAP in 1997. Regarding the twentieth anniversary of the organization we were asked to provide the viewer with a unique perspective of the NCAP tests. It was a special shoot in which our cameras were placed in the car during one of the iconic crashes.

The execution

The preparation was crucial in order to ensure that we could use the footage, and that our camera would (preferably) survive the crash. In collaboration with the NCAP team we divided a sturdy installation for the various tests.

Apart from the wall crash a second test was conducted in which the automatic brake system was tested. A dummy would walk from behind a car and the automatic brake system would activate in a spectacular fashion. It was an exciting experience with a tremendous shock effect.

The experience offers a unique point of view and guides the viewer from the preparation up until the inevitable crash. Various angles were chosen on the track and in the car creating a complete overview for the viewer.

The result

A unique experience with a crushing result. This 360 video provides insight into an experience that no one would want to experience in real life, and it illustrates the importance of safe automobiles.

The video was presented during the anniversary event in Brussels for prominent figures in the automotive industry. The responses were overwhelmingly positive and NCAP is now considering to implement the 360 perspective in their future tests.

This was amazing! If only every crash crash test was like this that’d be amazing!’
‘Cody B.’

‘Very good concept Looking forward to more videos like this’
Shiladitya Ray

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