Client: GIZ
Category: 360 video & event
Project date: January 2018
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GIZ is an organization that supports the German government in reaching their goals concerning international cooperation in sustainable development.

Each year the German government reserves a budget for various developmental projects abroad. At the moment they are working in collaboration with GIZ regarding a large project in Ivory Coast. Here they assist farmers in cacao plantations to professionalize their farm and how to consider the environment and nature. We went there in order to document this project.

The question

From January 19th until 28th the The International Green Week took place. This is a fair where over 80 international ministries and food producing companies gather. The German ministry of developmental collaboration held their own exhibition during the event. They wanted to show how fair trade products increase livelihood worldwide. They wanted to show the project in Ivory Coast in a special and transparent manner.

The solution

In order to show the visitors at the fair a good overview on their activities in Ivory Coast, the choice was made for a 360 degree video. By providing a virtual trip to the location, the visitors at the stand can view and experience the situation vividly. The Samsung Gear VR is a very accessible virtual reality headset and was used during the event to view the video. The video was played using look-and-play software. As soon as the glasses are worn, the video will start to play. The viewer will subsequently be taken to the plantations in Ivory Coast.

The execution

GIZ works for various co-operations in Ivory Coast who own several plantations. For the shots in the video we chose a plantation that was already working exclusively with the new method. This method named poly culture entails the farming of several different crops like cacao and mango within the same area. This creates a more efficient use of the soil.

In merely three weeks time the complete video was realized. From concept to recording, and from the edit up to the presentation at the fair.

In the video, which lasts about 2,5 minutes, the dramatic results of deforestation in Ivory Coast are presented. Subsequently the new method and process is shown. This illustrates how valuable an intact forest agricultural system is for both the environment and the farmers.

The video is supported by a voice-over which provides information about the surroundings and the activities of the plantation workers.

Because the storytelling of GIZ was extensive and we had to integrate a lot of information, we opted to use visual effects. This allowed us to reduce the running time of the video. In addition the graphics were used to attract the attention of the viewers to the correct part of the video.

The result

The video was presented at the Green Week 2018 in Berlin. The German minister of Development opened the GIZ hall at the fair.

The stand was decorated extensively, it attracted a lot of attention in part because of the Gear VR glasses. Event staff was present to assist the visitors with the use of the headsets. The response to the experience was very positive.

We are currently writing a second script in order to use the video for other purposes.

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