Collaboration with Eventrent
Industry: Telecom
Technology: VR


The future of 4G is 5G; a suspected successor. The 5G network promises to have improvements in speed, coverage, and reliability. Huawei was looking for a way to introduce these advantages of the 5G network to telecom providers during their event ‘5G Is Now’.

"Experience the speed of the 5G network through a VR race game"


Visitors of the event could race against each other because of a created VR race game. One car worked on the 4G network, the other on the 5G network. The advantages of the 5G network soon became obvious to the players. The players that raced on the 4G network were slowed down by the weak connection, while the players of the 5G network had no trouble with the speed.


Because of the VR race game the 5G network was introduced in an innovative way and the event had a good start. The event will take place in multiple other countries, so that the advantages of the 5G network will be known worldwide.

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