Collaboration with EventRent
Industry: Telecom
Technology: VR
Use: Event


After a successful introduction of a live 5G network during Huawei’s 2018 roadshow: ‘5G Is Now’, Huawei wished to take the next step in introducing the advantages of the 5G network. They show the Cloud VR that runs on 5G for their new roadshow. With Cloud VR there is no need for heavy computers to run a VR game, a connection to the cloud is sufficient. The games run smoothly through the 5G network and there is hardly any latency. To show these advantages, a VR game has been developed for Huawei’s 2019 roadshow: ‘5G Is On’.

"Experience the power of the 5G network by flying through a virtual world"


Start the game, explore three different virtual worlds and collect as many coins as you can. In the game you explore an underwater world, you fly past mountains, and you move yourself in space between planets and stars. Each environment represents a different era of the mobile technology: 3G, 4G, and 5G. The last environment allows the user to experience the strength and speed of the 5G network in comparison with the other two.

The virtual world comes alive through the use of an Oculus Go. The game also combines the virtual and physical world, as you can only move in the game by actually moving your body in the real world. This is due to the addition of the ICAROS Pro. This device simulates the feeling that you are actually flying.


Nicole Leeflang, from EventRent told us: “The VR content has enhanced the experience of the roadshow significantly, bringing an element of fun and wonder to what can sometimes be technically exciting, but in practice, dry information sessions. Customers consistently leave the truck wowed, not only by this year’s mobile showroom, but the new and innovative experience they had during their visit. The dynamic and immersive environment created by VR Owl to showcase the Cloud VR technology, really helps in aiding our customers to understand the potential of this technology.”

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