INIKI Adidas

Industry: Retail
Technology: 360 Video
Use: Product Launch


For the release of the Sofia Richie Approved INIKI shoe, Adidas and Foot Locker organized an exclusive event in one of their Milan stores. In order to generate additional attention for both the shoe and the event, we were asked to produce a 360-degree after movie to create a solid impression of the atmosphere.

''In the video Sofia Richie presents the shoe to the camera as the premier influencer''


Our team flew to Italy to record the event. The goal was to produce a video of about one minute, which could be posted on the Facebook page of Foot Locker Europe. As a viewer you feel like you are walking in the branded store surrounded by over eighty influencers that were on the guest list. All elements for a great party were present; a DJ, a cocktail bar, and of course a photobooth. In the video Sofia Richie presents the shoe to the camera as the premier influencer. The transitions of the shots in the video are accompanied by special effects, this way the tempo of the video is preserved so the viewer will feel the correct emotions.


Two different versions of the aftermovie were shared by Foot Locker Europe on Facebook. In total the posts were viewed over 18,4 thousand times in a span of 24 hours, there were liked 226 times and shared 16 times.

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