Showing VR simple & fastUser-friendly 360 video playback controlled by the user

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Why Look and Play?

> User-Friendly Kiosk Mode for 360 video 

> Put on an VR headset and just Look to Play a video

> Branded. The user will start off in a branded waiting room.

> Cost saving. Less time and personnel lost to explaining and support


> Up to six different 360 videos

> Compatible with Oculus GO , Gear VR & Android devices

> No physical interaction with chosen device

> Branded background and logos

User-friendly, trouble-free experience 

Users will never get lost in the menus or press the wrong button. The interaction with the VR device is only possible through looking around, which makes it extremely easy to use.

Get started right away

The user will have up to six choices in videos, which are directly available to watch by simply looking at them with the VR headset. When the video finished playing the user will automatically return to the waiting room. There they can select a new video to watch.


The background and logos in the waiting room are fully customizable. Which is a great opportunity to show off the company’s brand.

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