Category:  Virtual Reality application
Project date: October 2018
Link: iOS Android

The challenge

METRO AG is a German concern and the mother company of MediaMarkt and Saturn. The company has a big workforce with young ages in a big turnover. Furthermore the company opens new stores in a high pace, for example in India. The training of the new employees costs a lot of time, and the training is not always completed. METRO AG wanted to use virtual reality as a solution for their problem.

The solution

We devised a mobile application that serves as a traningstool. With the mobile application the employees can learn the basic activities. Think of product presentation, shelf arrangement and resolving customer issues. Through instructions, multiple choice questions and a virtual reality section employees get all the information they need to know to work in one of the METRO AG locations.

The execution

Our team in cooperation with the House of Learning department, developed virtual reality applications for IOS and Android devices. The new employees receive a VR Cardboard and download the application in the app store. With various games, the employees learn three aspects: presentation, signs and promotion. The employees can score points, which are being saved in the application. These scores can be shared with colleagues.

The result

This app provides the employees in a fun and accessible way. Also the app and the VR Cardboard reduces costs. The employees know exactly what is expected of them on their first day. A fun case in which VR is used to solve a current problem in an unique and convincing manner.

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