Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sport

Collaboration with Scenarios4Summit
Industry: Government
Technology: VR Sync
Use: Congress


The ministry of Health, Welfare & Sport in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) organized a conference on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) on June 19. During this conference the ministry informed other ministers, stakeholders and states secretaries about AMR and the progress of the previously drawn up action plan to prevent AMR. This progress was visualized by means of VR.

"The client didn't have to worry about the hardware nor the software, meaning they could focus on the conference itself"


The 360° videos were created by Scneario4Summits and where shown to all attendees simultaneously using VR Sync. Our team ensured that 225 Oculus Go’s were installed prior to the conference. In this way, the VR experience could start right from the start. A VR Sync box was installed on site to ensure a stable internet connection throughout the congress.

A total of four videos were shown during the conference. These were played synchronously on all VR headsets, but also on a large screen. This allowed the video to also be viewed without a VR headset. Our event team, consisting of five specialists, were present during the conference to provide support. They also ensured that the headset s were charged in between the videos and were ready for use again.


The conference was very successful, giving all those present a good idea of the progress to prevent AMR. The videos were informative and the VR experience went smoothly with the addition of VR Sync. The client did not have to worry about the hardware nor the software. This meant they could focus on the conference itself.

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