Category: Application
Project date: July 2018
Project: AR Product visualiser
Content: Internal sales tool

The question

NuBuiten is the premier sales specialist regarding various types of wood. The also offer playsets, outdoor accommodations, log cabins, palisades, decorative pavement and all other products for use in the garden. In order to visualize the magnitude of the products for the consumers we were asked to place a part of the catalogue in an augmented reality application.

The solution

We have developed an application for NuBuiten that is connected to their own – pre-existing – content management system. In order to assure the application would not be excessively large, a primary selection of the 20 most popular models was implemented. This way consumers can become familiar with the app. The other models can subsequently be downloaded on demand from within the app. The garden furniture can be placed in the space to scale, which allows the consumer a clear understanding of the product. Apart from that the colors and materials of the object can be customized in a user friendly way.

The execution

Data such as the names, pricing and 3D models for the AR visualizer were provided by NuBuiten. We have subsequently aimed our efforts mostly to the other parts of the application: the user interface, CMS and the AR functionality. We have also added several additional options to the app:


AR measuring tape: in order to provide an additional service we have added a measuring tape option. Just move the phone from left to right in order to find out the desired measurements, the user will then see the distance between the two points in centimeters.

Wishlist: The login feature allows the user to add products to a personal wishlist within the application. This list will be synchronized automatically with the account on the web browser.

Insight: Finally we have provided NuBuiten insight into the behavior of the user within the application. This allows them to see which products are used most frequently for the AR visualizer, which products are placed in the wishlist most often etc.

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