Industry: Automobile
Technology: 360° video & VR
Use: Product launch


Porsche launched their new 911 Carrera on several big events in the Netherlands. They wished to introduce this new car with a unique experience. To accomplish this, we helped on all locations to organise a VR event.

"All those present received  a unique virtual glimpse of the car"


With staff, hardware and fitting content all attendees received a unique glimpse of the new car. The Samsung Gear VR was used for this event to ensure all attendees on all locations could make a ride in the car. We created the 360° content of a Porsche 911 that drives on the Zandvoort circuit.


It was a special experience for all attendees to feel what it is like to be in the Porsche 911. The already intrigued attendees became even more enthusiastic about the new car.

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