Premier Tech

Industry: Manufacturing
Technology: VR
Use: Simulation


Premier Tech is one of the largest manufacturers of flexible packing machines in the world. Showcasing the machines – that can be as large as a house – at external locations is impractical. Therefore Premier Tech was looking for a method to show visitors of the IPM fair these complex machines.

"Walk around the machine in the virtual world and learn how it works"


We created a VR simulation for Premier Tech in order to solve the problem of the lack of physical representation of the machines. The simulation is interactive and designed for the HTC Vive. The controllers trace your movements and translate this to the virtual environment.

Visitor at the booth are able to walk around the machine in the virtual world and perform various actions. By pressing the red button with the controller the machine will start. The application allows the user to be in different scenarios. The actions per minute can be changed for instance, and various materials can be used.


Premier Tech values this method of presenting the products to stakeholders and has plans to have us develop other machines. The machines are a result of many years in development by various parties who collaborate on a worldwide scale. Therefore this will prove to be an ideal case for social collaboration in virtual reality.

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