Client: Rabobank
Category: Video
Project date: September 2017
Link: On request

The question
The Rabobank employs many account managers, but what does their work actually entail?

The solution

In order to provide the account managers an overview of the activities of their colleagues, the Rabobank commissioned a series of 360 degree videos. The result is used during internal events and quarterly meetings. This provides a unique way for the Rabobank to show the activities of the account managers concerning clients and projects, and to bring meaningful banking to life.

The implementation

In a record time of just three weeks the video was produced from start to finish. In the video the businessperson and the account manager meet each other in an informal setting. They drink a cup of coffee, greet each other and reminisce. What was the inspiration behind the company, what was the greatest challenge and what is the next step? Meanwhile we get to see unique perspectives of the company.

The application

The first showing of the 360 degree video took place on June 21st during a large scale internal event. In total 120 account managers were shown the video.

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