360 Video

The Rituals Hammam Experience

The question

Rituals is one of the most famous beauty brands with their origin in The Netherlands. At this moment the company offers 870 establishments around the world, they are famous for their innovative beauty concepts. Rituals wanted to use virtual reality at an instore activation. The goal was to introduce customers to their range of ’Hammam’ products in a unique manner.

The execution

Our team flew to Morocco with JamJam to record a 360 experience with the Rituals models in an authentic Hammam. A teaser for social media was recorded and also content for the instore activation.

The video was inserted into an application for the Gear VR and shipped to hundreds of Rituals stores across the globe. In the stores, the visitors were able to wear the headset and look around in the Hammam whilst the personnel would spray a fragrance.

Subsequently a light signal indicated the start of a massage and the video would play in sync with the physical massage. A unique experience where all senses are titillated.

Client: Rituals
Product Category: 360 Video
Agency: Jam Jam Marketing
Project date: May 2017
Campagne: Rituals Hammam Experience
Link: Youtube

The result

The experience was available in flagship stores around the world, from London to New York. Thousands of people experienced this presentation with a lot of positive feedback through social media and other channels. Various international beauty blogs published a piece about this first instore vr experience of a beauty brand.


‘What a lovely experience it was in one of my local Rituals stores here in Gent (Belgium). Really well done!’

Gordon Desodt (Consumer)

‘Got it and it’s lovely’

Ruth Johnston (Consumer)

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