Interactive planning and decision making using virtual reality.

ROVR utilizes virtual reality in design, planning and decision making concerning construction projects. Stakeholders are informed in a uniform manner using validated data and visually insightful scenarios. A singular interpretation by all parties with an improvement of quality and speed of design, decisions and the participation process. 

> Provide a uniform view and interpretation for all stakeholders 

>Create complex plans that are insightful and understandable for everyone

>Speed up various processes such as design, decision and participation

> Create support and involvement with surrounding occupants

Interactive & real time adjustments in virtual reality

> Export of 360 degree photos and videos
> Interactive scenarios with timeline 
> Build and design together in virtual reality
>Import of data models in virtual reality

Visualize and inform

With ROVR, complex building plans are made visible to all stakeholders. Easily create interactive scenarios and compare current and future situations.

Working together in VR

Work together in remote virtual reality and import real-time objects and data. Collaboration is simpler and makes the design and decision-making process faster and efficient.

Environmental factors and 3D models

The software has realistic data of wind, sun and other factors. In addition, there are standard dozens of windmills and solar panels that can be used. This makes calculating energy yield simple and truthful.

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