St. Nicholas VR-experience

Industry: Event Agency
Technology: VR
Use: Game


Loco Concepts, an event agency for shopping centers, was looking for an exciting and innovative way to improve the holiday shopping experience for parents and their children. They want to do this using a St. Nicholas house.


This is a shopping mall experience where kids can play games and meet St. Nicholas, a figure comparable to Santa Claus. These houses are often beautifully decorated. However, the design and building of these themed houses is time consuming and usually resource inefficient. They also require lots of space and are not durable.

With this in mind, Loco Concepts wanted to create a spectacular virtual St. Nicholas house that is easy to relocate, is sustainable and can be placed indoors and outdoors.



We developed a VR game in which children have to complete a St. Nicholas themed challenge. The game is a fully functional roomscale VR experience, allowing the users to walk around freely in a virtual world. In the game, the children follow a route that has been set up in an area of 60m2 where they have to walk through multiple virtual rooms.

The game consists of a few different challenges like evading presents that are falling from a giant pile of gifts, walking across a plank between two roofs and singing a song to open the next door.


Children are able to play the holiday themed experience for up to three weeks in the Palace Promenade in Scheveningen, The Netherlands. The combination of virtual reality and being able to walk around in the real world gives a special experience that the children won’t forget.


The game can be used in all kinds of locations due to the low number of physical objects that are needed. This makes it easy to transport and drastically reduces the time needed to set up and break down.

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