Virtual Reality by schools, for schools

TeachVR offers a complete solution for VR in education.
Easy, affordable classroom vr


> Enrich and enhance lessons

> Enhance retention by experience

Find, Create, Share & Live

> Find, Create and Share Virtual Reality lessons
> Create your own Virtual Reality lesson
> Get started in the classroom

Find, Create and Share Virtual Reality lessons

TeachVR contains ready-to-use lessons for Primary Education and Secondary Education. In line with the the curriculum and categorized by course and study year. You can create custom virtual reality lesson effortlessly, which you can share with others in the TeachVR Community.

Create your own virtual reality lesson

With TeachVR members are able to create their own VRSync lessons effortlessly. Upload your own 360 photographs or select them from the thousands of photographs in the Google Streetview database.

Get started in the classroom

Experience virtual reality in the classroom with just a click on the button. The teacher will control the app, or our all-in-one headset using the platform. It’s simple to use, and you can get started immediately.

Who is TeachVR for?

Educational professionals
The content on the platform is created and shared by educational professionals.
The lessons augment the Dutch curriculum and are created according to the educational goals.

Primary Education, Secondary Education and Secondary Vocational Education
The platform contains specific content for primary, secondary and vocational education.
The option to create new lessons makes TeachVR suitable for every (educational) institution.

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