The Blue Curaçao Experience

Industry: Food & Beverage
Technology: VR
Use: VR Experience


You might have heard of Blue Curaçao before or maybe even tasted the well-known liquor in various cocktails. The liquor is produced on Curaçao in the mansion of Chobolobo. Senior & Co. (the company behind the Curaçao liquor) wanted to provide consumers an extra experience besides the tour they give of the distillery. They created The Blue Curaçao Experience where consumers can learn about the history, liquor and the production process in an entertaining way.

“Become a bartender through VR and win a free Blue Curaçao drink!”


The Blue Curaçao Experience is a space where you can play all kind of games. It is also a place to taste, smell and learn everything about the Blue Curaçao liquor. One of the games transforms the player into a bartender using virtual reality. The player stands behind a bar on the beach where bottles of Blue Curaçao are thrown at the player. The goal is to catch these bottles and throw them back at different targets. If a player reaches a high score, he will receive a free drink at the real bar next to the game. The scoreboard keeps it exciting!


Ramon Oudhaarlem, the operational manager of Chobolobo: “the created game attracts a lot of visitors to The Blue Experience. Visitors are enthusiastic and the game is really user friendly. We are very happy with the game!”

If you want to try the game yourself, then you can. It only costs you a ticket to Curaçao.

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