The Ride

Client: The Ride
Category: Events
Project date: December 2016
Campagne: The Downtown Experience

The Ride is a very special way to show the city of Manhattan to its visitors. In a cinema setting you will be taken on a tour past the most famous hotspots in the city, in which theatrical acts are interspersed with various applications of technology. There’s no need to turn and look at the window in order to see all the sights the tour has to offer, in this high tech tour bus the chairs are rotated towards the gigantic window at the side of the bus.

The question
The Ride wanted to use virtual reality for their new tour, The Downtown Experience. In order to use this technology in the most efficient way possible, they were looking for a way to play the VR experiences on several devices at the same time.

The solution

Fortunately, we happened to have a solution ready for them. In order to show the visitors on the bus the VR experience at the same moment, our VR Sync software was used. The visitors only have to wear the Samsung Gear VR headset and the technician on the the bus can start the VR experience with just a press on the button. Because the content is loaded onto the devices beforehand, the videos do not require any streaming. And because the experience does not rely on a local network, there are never any problems with the buffering of videos for instance.

The application

The Downtown Experience Tour is fully booked at about three times a day. The spectators will see and hear a history of the city during the tour.

The experience is regarded as an exclusive experience, in which all senses are stimulated. The Ride indicates there were never any problems using the software and is so satisfied they want to sell these types of experiences to other entertainment companies.

“VR Owl’s VR Sync system has been crucial to building out our new multimedia show, The Downtown Experience. We worked hard and put in a lot of long nights getting all of the technical infrastructure of the show working well. Ironically the one piece that just immediately worked was the piece that we thought would be the hardest: the VR system. VR Owl’s team worked with us to ensure our VR Sync rig was set up well for our environment, so when we plugged it in it just worked. It is still the only piece of gear associated with the show that we have never had to touch again. I can’t say enough nice things about the product, and equally important to us, the quality of support we have received for the VR Owl team every step of the way.”

– Brandon Bekowies, Director of Technical Services The Ride

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