Industry: Virtual Reality
Technology: VR Sync
Use: VR cinema


Theatrix is the company behind the VR headset “nWave Theatrix” that they sell and rent. This stand-alone headset allows users to view 360°, 2D and 3D videos in 2K resolution. In just a few seconds the user can enjoy several video content as if he is at the cinema.

Theatrix focuses on various target audiences, but mainly on institutional use like museums. Therefore, it had to be made possible to synchronously play content on an unlimited amount of devices.

"A VR cinema is simply simulated at the touch of a button"


With VR Sync we made it possible to synchronously play video content on an unlimited amount of VR headsets. We also created a solution for the audio. The audio had to come from an external audio system, but had to be synchronous with the video content. For this, one central audio system was created and added to VR Sync. This made it possible to have the video content and audio run synchronously with just a simple push of a button.


With the addition of VR Sync,  Theatrix can easily recreate a VR cinema with their nWave headsets. As a result, they offer a cost-saving option to give visitors to museums and other organizations a VR cinema experience. This opens the doors for many institutions to offer a 2D, 3D or 360 ° cinema, for which they would otherwise not have the financial means.

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