United Nations

Client: United Nations
Category: Event
Project date: September 2017

The question
A workshop was planned on the day of the United Nations prior to the plenary session. The organization wanted to use virtual reality as an introduction to the workshop.

The execution

The workshop was focused on refugees and migration. In order to let the participants understand the subject better, the film ‘Life in a time of refuge’ was exhibited. This is a 360 degree video lasting for about ten minutes, in which the life of a Syrian refugee is the central theme.

In order to make the viewing experience as comfortable as possible, our VR Sync software was used. This software allows us to start the video on multiple devices with just one press on the button. Our event staff was present to accompany the participants with the use of the glasses and to start the VR experience.


“The collaboration with VR Owl went very smoothly. They asked about the specific demands of the client and then offered a customized solution. During our exhibition a professional team was present to accompany the participant during the VR adventure. We believe VR is the perfect medium to show the subject of refugees, because the participants can enter the life of a refugees by means of Virtual Reality.”

Photographer: Robbe Vandegehuchte

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