VR DiningStimulate all senses with a unique virtual reality diner.

VR Dining will take you on a culinary journey. Eat oysters at the Zealandish beach or drink wine at a French vineyard; virtual reality makes it possible.


> A unique evening for your guests that will stimulate the senses

> Innovation and excitement at your event

> Attract new guests to your venue

> Ideal as a company trip or theme-night

Why VR Dining?


> Mobile concept

> Modular menu

> Technically easy to use
> Assistance during promotion and organization

Mobile concept

VR Dining is a mobile concept and can be organized at virtually every location. The customer will select the location and we will assist you with organizing and if desired the catering.

Modular menu

The virtual reality experiences are connected to the dishes that are selected by the customer. Arrange your own menu and we will provide the technology to create a unique evening!

Technically easy to use

The virtual reality will be played simultaneously and discussed with the staff beforehand, so the guest will not require any technical knowledge.

Assistance during promotion and organization


VR Dining can be offered from 30 up to 50 guests per evening. We deliver the headsets, content and guidance during the evening. Restaurant proprietors will receive promotional materials to increase sales.

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