DesignWeek@school – Sustainability for Childeren

Industry: Education Technology: Virtual Reality Question Explaining sustainability and environmental awareness is not easy, especially not to children. In the so-called ‘Design Week’ from start-up DesignWeek@school students discover the world of technology, design thinking and sustainability together. But how do you explain the concept of sustainability in a fun and easy way? Solution A VR […]

Huawei – 5G Race

We toured throughout Europe with a specially designed truck to promote the upcoming 5G network. Using exciting but relevant experiences involving drones, race cars and flying through space.

Beuk Horeca – Kitchen configurator

Industry: Catering Industry Technology: Virtual Reality Use: Visualizer Question Beuk Horeca is een total supplier for products and services for the catering industry. To give clients a better visual of the products that they sell, Beuk Horeca shows her clients pictures and 3D visualisations of the products that they sell. However they wanted to make […]

Premier Tech – Machines in VR

Industry: Manufacturing Technology: Virtual Reality Use: Simulation Question Premier Tech is one of the largest manufacturers of flexible packing machines in the world. Showcasing the machines – that can be as large as a house – at external locations is impractical. Therefore Premier Tech was looking for a method to show visitors of the IPM […]

Miniflat – Veranda Configuration

Industry: Construction Technology: Virtual Reality Use: Simulation Question Miniflat builds porches, pergolas and terrace coverings from the design up to the finishing. During the purchase of a porch there are a number of important factors. Light and experience are the most crucial aspects for most consumers. Miniflat was looking for a way to provide customers […]

Rituals – Multisensory VR Experience

  Collaboration with JAMJAM Creative Industry: Beauty Technology: 360° video & VR Use: Product launch Question Rituals is one of the most famous beauty brands with their origin in The Netherlands. At this moment the company offers 870 establishments around the world, they are famous for their innovative beauty concepts. Rituals wanted to use virtual […]

Tausch – Expo Stand Visualizer

Industry: Event Installation Technology: 360° video Use: Visualizer Question Tausch is a premier designer and producer of event installations. The dozens of wonderful productions can be admired at fairs and events worldwide. Tausch wants to simplify the design process and inform their clients in a unique manner regarding the development. Solution They asked us to […]

Bidfood – Virtual shopping

Industry: Retail Technology: Application Use: Online shopping Question According to Bidfood customers should be able to shop at any given moment at any given time. Not only in The Netherlands but all over the world. We have joined them on the first step in the development of Shopping in Paris. Solution With this app you […]

KNVB – Tour of New Facility

Industry: Sports Technology: 360° Video Use: Tour Question The KNVB wanted a new 360 ° video to depict the new sports complex. Solution In this experience you will be taken by chairman Michael van Praag on a tour through the new KNVB campus. This is the place where our internationals are added and our national […]

Kwalitaria – New Formula Launch

Industry: Retail Technology: 360° Video Use: Presentation Question Kwalitaria was searching for a unique way to attract future franchisees. In order to achieve this we filmed one of the most famous Dutch chefs as he took the viewer on a personal tour of a pilot store. Together with the chef you can experience the Kwalitaria, […]