AIR NEW ZEALAND | Fact or Fantasy

Brand: Air New Zealand
Agency: Framework
Tech: AR (Magic Leap)
Branche: Travel

Air New Zealand is among the first companies to develop an interactive application using the Magic Leap AR glasses. The Magic Leap One is able to project holographic images in real-time, allowing the user to walk around a physical area with added digital content.


The game is called “Fact or Fantasy”, and it provides a new way of showing potential visitors the wonders of New Zealand from a bird’s eye perspective.  In this app you can observe a Kiwi bird or watch a rescue helicopter flying above the sea. The setup is a traditional board game using a physical board with added digital elements that are only visible though the AR glasses.


The combination of a traditional board game with AR elements provides a unique way of promoting air travel. The app is created for local use and requires a custom game board in conjunction with a Magic Leap One AR headset.