Ally Financial | Real Life Monopoly

Brand: Ally Financial
Agency: 8th Wall
Tech: AR
Branche: Games

Want to make big bucks by playing Monopoly? Play the famous board game on the streets of multiple US cities to win prizes up to one million dollars!


Ally Financial wants people to learn more about money and finances, so they created a city sized playing field to promote financial literacy in a exciting way. Participants can play the live board game by walking around the city and  finding the tokens or squares. By scanning these markers, Mr Monopoly will appear to give them clues about the whereabouts of the next ones.


The game also includes a community chest square, where players can raise money for a local non-profit organisation focused on educating young people in financial stability.


Ally Financial started this campaign to show their creative side and to get people talking, and quite frankly it’s working. There are already thousands of applicants on the Facebook event, because who doesn’t want to win prizes while playing one of the most iconic board games?