Brand: Apple
Agency: Multiple artists
Tech: AR
Branche: Art

Apple teamed up with the New Museum to create augmented reality (AR) experiences to enlighten the minds of art fans about the possibilities of Apple’s products and customers in the creative sector.


Today at Apple, the companies workshop and event department, presents three new sessions called AR(t). Firstly they provide a Walk that allows participants to walk around a set of cities and spot art pieces in the street.


Secondly the Viewer installation can brighten Apple stores visitors’ surroundings by initiating an interactive Installation, where visitors view and collect ‘icon elements’. Lastly the Lab allows participants to learn and develop their own augmented reality using the Ipad-app Swift Playgrounds.


Apple offers a great incentive to visit the stores by keeping the sessions location based. The news about the new sessions spread quickly and many blogs, news sites, and magazines such as the New York Times and Wired wrote articles or posts about Today at Apple.