National Geographic | Becoming Jane Goodall

Brand: National Geographic Society

Agency: Falcon’s Creative Group

Tech: AR
Branche: Education

Falcon’s Creative Group collaborated with the National Geographic Museum to deliver the  ‘Becoming Jane: The Evolution of Dr. Jane Goodall’ exhibition of six multimedia AR experiences. The aim of the exhibition was to expose visitors to the extraordinary story of Jane Goodall, the first person to live among and study wild chimpanzees.


Falcon’s created a special headset for this occasion. Through the headset, visitors look for specific targets in their surroundings, which trigger special experiences.  This enhances the already incredible experience. Visitors learn how how Jane began her journey, starting with her childhood and eventually her arrival at Gombe Stream National Park.  One of the exhibits includes a hologram of Goodall herself. She is visible through the AR-glasses, which creates the illusion that she is in the room with you.


This way of storytelling makes it possible to take the visitors on a virtual journey like they have never seen before. Visitors are perplexed and flabbergasted by the immersive technology which makes the experience come to life. They expect AR to be a powerful addition to museums.