Brand: Burger King
Agency: Grabarz & Partner
Tech: AR
Branche: Consumables

Burger King Germany launched an augmented reality app where McDonalds visitors are lured to the closest Burger King in an attempt to “#EscapeTheClown”.


Customers visiting McDonald’s restaurant receive a geo targeted message on Facebook or Instagram which informs them to use the Burger King app. In this app, a customer can use an augmented reality feature where a balloon from IT with a countdown timer appears.. The user is told to run to the nearest Burger King.  When arriving at its biggest rival, the user is rewarded with a coupon for a once-cent whopper.


This campaign combines AR with geotargeting  to engage customers with a more immersive experience than TV or printed adds can offer. It boosted the  Burger King app to the most downloaded app in Apple’s App Store for several days.


This isn’t the first time Burger King used AR. They came up with an idea to make consumers forget about their competitors. They literally set their campaigns on fire using AR.