Coca-Cola | Coca Cola’s Pol-AR bear

Brand: Coca-Cola
Agency: Tactic
Tech: AR
Branche: Consumables

Every year Coca-Cola comes up with a new Christmas design for their cans, bottles and multipacks. For 26 years, the Coca-Cola polar bears have been a staple of their holiday campaign and this year they are back with a twist.


Everyone who buys a Coke can bring the polar bears to life with augmented reality. Using the Coca-Cola app for iOS or Android, consumers scan the holiday-themed Coke cans and bottles to transform the packaging into a digital recreation of the polar bears’ wintery oasis.


Scan different variations of the Coke packaging to see various AR scenes like snowball fights, holiday light shows and the sledding scene from an earlier Christmas campaign. And if you are feeling very festive, you can scan two cans together to hear a rendition of Jingle Bells played by the polar bear on glass bottles.


The Polar bears have been the mascot for Coca-Cola since 1993 when they made the iconic ‘Northern Lights’ commercial. This year, Coca-Cola wanted to give fans a fun and new way to engage with the brand so they launched the AR-campaign to bring the magic of the polar bears to life! The app has already reached over 100.000 downloads.