Kölner Zoo | Up close and endangered

Brand: Kölner Zoo
Agency: Snapchat
Tech: AR
Branche: Education

Save critically endangered animals from going extinct by using Snapchat filters created by the Kölner Zoo!


Grab your phone with Snapchat and scan the markers next to the animal enclosures to see your favorite creatures come to life! Watch virtual tigers, elephants and crocodiles walk around the exhibit on your Snapchat camera, take pictures and send them to friends.


The goal of this campaign is to inform the users about the endangerment of these animals, and what to do to save them. Everybody who uses the filter, or receives a picture with the filter, can use it to donate to the cause of these wonderful creatures.


The zoo hopes to continue the campaign with more virtual animals available to reach an even bigger audience, educate more people, and to ultimately save those animals from extinction!