LEGO | Hidden Side sets

Branche: LEGO
Agency: LEGO Group
Tech: AR
Branche: Retail

LEGO has added a new range to their already impressive collection, called Hidden Side, which has a ghostly focus. They combined the new sets with an AR app that allows users to capture virtual ghosts.


The serie includes eight “haunted” buildings that can be brought to life using the AR app. The app reveals a hidden world of interactive mysteries and challenges to solve.  Users assume a first-person perspective and play together with two main characters as they explore the buildings. They use their mobile phones to interact with various elements of the buildings, that releases virtual ghosts that users must capture to stop the haunting.


It is the first time that a company seamlessly integrates AR with physical construction. The two world combined make each other even more compelling and fun. Fans of LEGO, both young and old, already prepared long before the release of the new sets and seen really enthusiastic about the actual release.