LEGO Wear | Virtual store

Brand: LEGO Wear
Agency: Snap Inc.
Tech: Augmented Reality
Branche: Retail

A clothing store with no clothes? LEGO Wear and Snapchat have launched an one-day event to promote LEGO Wear’s first limited-edition clothing line for adults.

By scanning a QR code in the empty pop-up store in London the room suddenly transforms in a LEGO store. Here visitors watched in awe as LEGO characters walked through the store, danced at the interactive DJ booth, played at the arcade machine and bought the exclusive clothes that were stalled. The people that visited the store saw the clothing line through AR and could buy the clothes online.

As this case shows, technology can be used as an extension and enhancement of a physical experience. Bridging the physical and digital world to engage customers is a way to implement AR to e-commerce.