Let’s Play Art Gallery | Pop-up Museum

Brand: Let’s Play Art Gallery
Agency: BeyondFive
Tech: AR
Branche: Art

During the Museum Night, one of Amsterdam’s biggest art events, artists showed off their skills on 34 different TV-screens placed in Amsterdam’s metro stations.


All 34 screens showed various works of art. You can scan the artworks with a smartphone to let them come to life. Objects will start traversing across the smartphone screen, colours evolving and developing, taking a once static piece of art and vivifying it with moving animations.


The exhibition saw many people pull out their smartphones to try and capture the moving images. Augmented reality proved to be a powerful tool to add a new dimension to the experience of viewing art.


Impressive, perplexed and flabbergasted were the words uttered by many of the visitors about their museum experience. Over 35.000 visitors of the Museum Night had seen the creations, next to thousands of daily commuters of the metro.