Louvre | Virtual Mona Lisa

Brand: Louvre
Agency: HTC Arts Vive
Tech: Virtual Reality
Branche: Retail

The Louvre has teamed up with HTC Vive Arts to bring visitors right next to their most famous canvas, the Mona Lisa. Finally you’ll be able to skip the crowd of people snapping photos and the glass cage that protects the painting.

The up-close experience, Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass, uses VR to enable you to examine the painting like never before. You can interact with the painting to make it reveal details that you would normally miss. The experience talks you through da Vinci’s techniques and discusses the background of the famous painter and the painting itself.

The experience offers visitors a rare chance to be immersed into the world’s most iconic painting. It is also a way to attract more people to the museum as the experience is something new. This is the first VR experience the Louvre has added. The Mona Lisa experience will be available when it debuts October 24.