Marshmello | Stuffing Smores

Brand: Marshmello
Agency: Groove Jones
Tech: AR
Branche: Applicatie

EDM artist Marshmello and Groove Jones collaborated on a project  to let Instagram users snack their way to a high score in a marshmallow-infested AR game.


The aim of the game is to eat as many marshmallows as you can in 15 seconds to get a high score! You and your friends can then share scores and compete with not only each other, but all the other people trying to eat more marshmallows!


The game allows users to engage and interact with a brand in a fun way, while also generating content for the brand itself through sharing their highscores and screencaptures!


Marshmello is a brand ambassador for ‘Stuffed Puff’s. The campaign is focused on getting the user to eat more marshmallows, especially those sold by Stuffed Puff’s. The campaign was well received.  Within the first 48 hours, the game was completed over one million times and viewed over three times that amount (3.2 million).