Brand: Mastercard
Agency: Teslasuit
Tech: VR
Branche: Sport

Mastercard UK invited three of their rugby ambassadors to present a futuristic showdown ahead of the rugby world cup in Japan.


Mastercard set up a environment where fans experienced a “contactless tackle”. Rugby fans are brought closer to the game by experiencing the sensation of a professional tackle. This is possible with a special suit made by Teslasuit.  You see a rugby player storming towards you and you have to choose between dodging or taking the hit. If you’re to late, you feel the impact via pressure made within the suit.


The goal of the experience is to bring the fans closer to the action, and to encourage and inspire people  to get involved with rugby ahead of the world cup in Japan. The campaign got enthusiastic reactions from the crowd and generated lots of buzz online with publications on news and sport sites, as well as some huge marketing blogs.