MYSPIRA | AR Asthma Training App

Brand: MySpira
Agency: Orbital media and the University of Suffolk
Tech: AR
Branche: Education

Incorrect usage of an inhaler is a huge problem in for asthma patients. The current methods to educate patients about inhaling are passive and don’t give the desired results.


The University of Suffolk collaborated with Orbital Media in developing an interactive and fun experience to teach asthma patients at a young age about inhaling techniques. MySpira is an app including 8 playful modules using augmented reality games and animations. Spira is an alien having difficulties inhaling his medicine arriving on earth to ask humans for help. Children play games with Spira and engage in challenges in order to win badges and while learning about asthma.


The app showed a significant improvement in asthma education as it was 70% more effective than leaflets and 26% better than videos. The implementation of augmented reality adds more engagement and gameplay to the experience and is therefore a plausible reason for those improvements.