Nike | Measure your shoe size

Brand: Nike
Agency: Nike
Tech: Augmented Reality
Branche: Retail

Nike is adding a new AR  feature to their app that allows users to measure their shoe size wherever and whenever they want.

For a lot of people it’s a hassle to buy sneakers online, because they don’t know if the shoes will actually fit. Nike even says that over 60% of people wear the wrong shoe size. Through this AR feature they wish to solve this problem. The experience itself is fairly easy: you open up the Nike app and click on the option to measure your feet. The app measures your feet by scanning the size, shape and volume. With an accuracy of 2 millimeters the app suggests the specific size of Nike shoe of the sneaker style you’re looking at.

The addition of the AR feature will be integrated into the app as a primary feature. The feature will also be used in its retail stores, which speaks to the company’s confidence in the method. The feature should be available in July for customers in the US and in August for customers based in Europe.