Porsche | AR Visualizer App

Brand: Porsche
Agency: Porsche
Tech: Augmented Reality
Branche: Retail

With Porsche’s new AR visualizer app, customers can now create a photo-realistic representation of their dreams sport car in the real world.

The app gives their customers the ability to examine a Porsche model and all its technical details in three dimensions. Customers can look under the chassis of the new Porsche 911, for example, and virtually experience the vehicle’s power train. Using the 3D model in the app users can place the vehicle on any surface – both inside rooms as well as outdoors. Further changes to the car can be made in AR visualization, such as the paint color.

The app is an interesting addition as customers are able to visualize what their dream car would look like sitting in their garage. A lot of media has written about the app and people all over the world are showing off their new virtual Porsche.