Puma | AR sneakers

Brand: Puma
Agency: Puma
Tech: Augmented Reality
Branche: Retail

Puma released a new sneaker where the shoes are the augmented reality experience. Using the created app “LQD CEL” you can unlock various AR filters.

Once the sneaker-based AR experience is triggered by the app, an AR filter can set your shoes on (virtual) fire. You can explode your sneakers for a view of the deconstructed shoe while taking photos of the whole experience. In addition, there are games in the app and even more filters you can use. The app uses machine learning and object recognition to identify the shoes on sight.

There have been a variety of AR experiences related to athletic footwear over the years. However, Puma is one of the few that created an AR-activated sneaker. This will create a new type of consumer engagement around the LQD CELL launch.