SAAB | Virtual Rocket Launcher

Brand: SAAB

Agency: Vobling

Tech: VR
Branche: Event

SAAB is a global provider for safety and security devices to governments, authorities and military instances. For a weaponry exhibition they collaborated with Vobling to create a virtual reality rocket launcher demonstration. The goal is to show visitors how it’s like to fire a certain rocket launcher made by SAAB.


Volbing created a unique software application to demonstrate SAAB’s Carl Gustaf rocket launcher. Visitors of the exhibition were given a rocket launcher and the VR headset. Custom sensors were placed on the rear of the rocket launcher, which are in connection with the HTC Vive headset.

When one of the users of the rocket launcher pulls the trigger, the sensor sends a signal to the headset after which a virtual rocket is shot. The objective is to shoot at targets using a range of different projectiles.


The Virtual Reality event caught everyone’s attention and quickly became the main attraction of the exhibition. People were amazed by the technology and precision. This shows that the use of VR is an excellent way to demonstrate new or complex products.